Descriptive Title:

Number and percent of jobs within 1,000 feet of a bike share station

Geographic Unit of Analysis:


Number and percent of jobs within 1,000 feet of a bike share station, 2011
Station Name Total Docks Number of Jobs within 1,000 ft. of the bike share station Percent of SF jobs within 1,000 ft. of the bike share station
Market at Sansome 27 64,591 11.0%
Mechanics Plaza (Market at Battery) 19 61,782 10.5%
Beale at Market 19 56,218 9.5%
Post at Kearny 19 45,363 7.7%
Clay at Battery 15 39,317 6.7%
Commercial at Montgomery 15 35,297 6.0%
Temporary Transbay Terminal (Howard at Beale) 23 29,613 5.0%
Howard at 2nd 19 23,468 4.0%
Steuart at Market 23 23,177 3.9%
Market at 4th 19 22,583 3.8%
Washington at Kearny 15 21,952 3.7%
Powell at Post (Union Square) 19 17,854 3.0%
Market at 10th 27 17,389 2.9%
South Van Ness at Market 19 15,418 2.6%
Davis at Jackson 15 14,648 2.5%
Embarcadero at Folsom 19 13,123 2.2%
Powell Street BART 19 12,645 2.1%
5th at Howard 15 11,468 1.9%
Yerba Buena Center of the Arts (3rd @ Howard) 19 11,335 1.9%
San Francisco City Hall 19 11,089 1.9%
Broadway St at Battery St 15 11,034 1.9%
2nd at Folsom 19 10,010 1.7%
Harry Bridges Plaza (Ferry Building) 23 9,578 1.6%
Spear at Folsom 19 9,204 1.6%
2nd at South Park 15 7,547 1.3%
2nd at Townsend 27 7,298 1.2%
Grant Avenue at Columbus Avenue 15 6,088 1.0%
Embarcadero at Vallejo 15 5,559 0.9%
Golden Gate at Polk 23 5,525 0.9%
San Francisco Caltrain 2 (330 Townsend) 23 4,114 0.7%
Civic Center BART (7th at Market) 23 3,859 0.7%
Townsend at 7th 15 3,042 0.5%
San Francisco Caltrain (Townsend at 4th) 19 2,649 0.4%
Embarcadero at Sansome 15 2,057 0.3%
Embarcadero at Bryant 15 1,416 0.2%

Why Is This An Indicator Of Health and Sustainability?

Cycling as a driving alternative reduces traffic-related noise, air pollution and congestiona and improves personal health through increased physical activity.  Encouraging and facilitating active transportation – walking or cycling - as a form of travel for utilitarian trips is a key strategy for increasing daily physical activity.b  Personal health benefits of increased physical activity in children and youth include enhanced cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness, bone health, body mass and composition.  In adults and older adults, strong evidence demonstrates that, compared to less active counterparts, more active men and women have lower rates of all-cause mortality, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, colon cancer, breast cancer, and depression.

Interpretation and Geographic Equity Analysis

All bike share locations are currently on or adjacent to the section of Market St. that runs through the Financial District and South of Market, due to hospitable topography, job density, access to local and regional transit and proximity to the bicycle network.  This location strategy is intended to support transit users on the first or last mile of their trip. The bike share locations that are adjacent to the largest percentage of jobs in San Francisco are those at Market and Sansome, Market and Battery, and Beale and Market, in the heart of the Financial District.


SFMTA provided the XY coordinates of the bike share stations and the number of docks. The job density data at the block group level was pulled from the Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics. To calculate the number of jobs within 1,000 feet of the bike share station, a 1,000 feet buffer was created around the bikeshare stations. Job from the block groups that fell within the buffer were summed for each bikeshare station and then divided by the total number of jobs in San Francisco.


The Bay Area Bikeshare program in SF was part of a regional effort funded by MTC to reduce greenhouse gases and address climate change. SFMTA utilized this opportunity to help address the problems of the first and last mile of trips for commuters. Therefore, the stations are grouped mostly in Financial District and SoMa. It is important to note that it takes time to build a robust bike share network and this program is a pilot.

Data Source

Bike share locations and number of docks from SFMTA, 2014.

Job density data from Longitudinal Employer–Household Dynamics (LEHD) Survey, 2011. Available at:

Detailed information regarding census data, geographic units of analysis, their definitions, and their boundaries can be found at the following links:

Interactive boundaries map

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