Public Realm


The Public Realm indicators in the SF Indicator Project measure access to a range of public and retail services and facilities such as clinics and hospitals, parks, recreation facilities, arts and cultural facilities, healthy food retail, and other daily services. Collectively, the location, quality, affordability and accessibility of these facilities and services contribute to “neighborhood completeness” that serves community health. Neighborhood completeness impacts health and well-being health in diverse ways:

  • The presence of safe, accessible, quality parks, plazas, recreation facilities and arts and cultural facilities can reduce rates of depression and isolation and increase physical activity and social interactions with others.
  • Proximity to supermarkets and diverse retail food markets improves nutritional choices which may decrease the likelihood of obesity and diabetes.
  • Access to quality primary health care promotes early detection of preventable chronic diseases.
  • The more public and retail services in one’s neighborhood, the greater the likelihood of accessing these basic needs by walking or biking, increasing physical activity. Local goods and services can increase “eyes on the street,” and reduces motor vehicle injuries and pollution.  

Objectives & Indicators

PR.1. Assure spaces for libraries, performing arts, theatre, museums, concerts, and festivals for personal and educational fulfillment

PR.1.a. Art & cultural facilities

PR.1.b. Public funding for the arts

PR.1.c. Public library access

PR.1.d. Public art works

PR.2. Increase park, open space and recreation facilities

PR.2.a. Recreational Area Score

PR.2.b. Recreation facility access

PR.2.c. Community garden access

PR.3. Increase accessibility, beauty, safety, and cleanliness of public spaces

PR.3.a. Street tree population

PR.3.b. Streetscape improvements

PR.3.c. Streetscape maintenance

PR.4. Assure access to daily goods and service needs

PR.4.a. Public service access

PR.4.b. Retail service access

PR.4.c. Commercial zoning

PR.5. Promote affordable and high-quality food access and sustainable agriculture

PR.5.a. Food Market Score

PR.5.b. CalFresh benefits acceptance

PR.5.c. Food security among low-income adults