Health Systems


The SF Indicator Project indicators for Health Systems measure access to and quality of precentative and acute medical care in San Francisco. The use of primary care and preventative health care services is dependent on a number of factors including physical access to health facilities, transportation, and health insurance status. The timely use of primary care has a role in preventing morbidity and hospitalizations from a number of chronic diseases, including asthma and diabetes. Research has specifically found that Federally Qualified Health Centers in medically underserved areas can lower preventable hospitalization rates.

Objectives & Indicators

HS.1. Assure affordable and high quality public health facilities

HS.1.a. Public health facility transit access

HS.1.b. Hospital bed access

HS.2. Assure access to preventative, outpatient health services

HS.2.a. Early prenatal care

HS.2.b. Preventable hospitalizations