The Indicators

The San Francisco Indicator Project is a neighborhood-level data system that measures how San Francisco performs in eight dimensions of a healthy, equitable community. Each indicator was chosen to measure progress towards meeting a broad set of community objectives, which reflect a vision of a healthy city. Community objectives are organized under eight sections: Environment, Transportation, Community, Public Realm, Education, Housing, Economy, and Health Systems.

There is also a section on Demographics, which provides information on the geographic distribution of San Francisco’s diverse population. The indicators included in the Project are supported by research establishing their relationship to important health outcomes like asthma, diabetes, childhood development, or chronic stress. Criteria for indicators to be included in the index include the data source being updated on a regular basis, data being available for all areas of the city, and in most cases, data lending itself to analysis by neighborhood, or an even lower geographic level.

To view a list of all indicators organized by their objective, click the “All Indicators” link below. From that list you can select individual indicator pages to view. If you would like a summary table of all indicator results for a specific neighborhood or would like to compare conditions between two or more neighborhoods, click the “Neighborhood Profiles” link.